New LCSEE Systems Website

LCSEE Systems Website on iPhone

Out with the old and in with the new. LCSEE Systems is happy to announce our new website at that is hosted on WVU's Clean Slate content management system. Using the CMS has several advantages over our older, more standard site.

Here are a few of the highlights:

LOUD VM Installation Instructions

An image of the Loud VM in use.

LCSEE Systems has now updated its help desk website with LOUD VM tutorial videos. The first video will walk viewers through installing a stock Ubuntu 15.04 virtual machine, with the latter video assisting the viewer in modifying the install to feature the LOUD software found in the labs. The tutorial videos can be found at the following:

LDAP - A Primer

This article is a primer on concepts and usage of the  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) implementation  OpenLDAP. LDAP is a standardized protocol for providing  directory services over a network. A directory service is a database optimized for searching. Data is stored in hierarchical form enabling rapid search and retrieval.

AWS Projects Completed During the Summer

The Summer of 2014 has seen  LCSEE Systems accomplish several projects to improve the computing experience in the  Lane Department by utilizing  Amazon Web Services (AWS), a mature, popular cloud computing platform. Following the cloud computing model, Amazon hosts data centers Systems uses to provide web applications and shell environments, obviating the need for physical infrastructure maintenance such as deploying power and air conditioning solutions. In this article the enhancements applied by LCSEE Systems to departmental computing resources are described. These are improved monitoring of computing resources, a web-based system for submitting graduate tuition waivers, and a powerful environment for students enrolled in the computer science course “File and Data Structures” (CS 210).