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Computing Support

How To Get Computer Systems Support

There are three distinct Information Technology support groups which may provide support to students in LCSEE courses.

      LCSEE Systems Responsible for all
      LCSEE classrooms, labs, and servers.

      Statler ITS Responsible for College
      computer labs and classrooms outside of scope of LCSEE

      WVU Information Technology Services
      Responsible for University-wide systems and facilities,
      such as MIX, WVU Login, and eCampus.

If you are unsure of which group to contact for help, please start with LCSEE Systems. We'll be happy to resolve your request or redirect you to the appropriate group.

LCSEE Systems is available for support in person, by phone, or our recommend method of contact, email to help desk.

Office Location: 233 Advanced Engineering Research Building - Walk-in Hours
Phone Number: 304-293-3475
E-mail address: 
Website: (you are here.)

Sending Email to 

When an email is sent to , the message is put into our request tracking system. You will receive a confirmation reply from the tracking system with a ticket ID. This is the reference number you should use when referring to your issue. Once the issue is in our tracking system, we have the ability to correspond and collaborate to get your issue resolved. If the ticket is sent during normal business hours, we make every attempt to have a human response within 5 hours.