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Student Documentation


If your are using a computer located in the LCSEE Department (Advanced Engineering Research Building, Engineering Sciences Building, Engineering Research Building), you can send print jobs to various departmental printers.

Student Printing

Available Printers
138 AER - bw138aer (AER Learning Center)
137 AER - bw137aer (AER Computer Classroom)
G28 ESB - bwg28esb (Senior Design Lab)
G24 ESB - bwg24esb (CpE Lab)
G22 ESB - bwg22esb (CpE Lab)
G23 ESB - bwg23esb (EE Lab)
G25 ESB - bwg25esb (EE Lab)
Accessing Printers Via Ubuntu Linux Desktop Computers

How you access Departmental printers from an Ubuntu Linux desktop computer in the labs will depend on the application from which you are printing. Printing from a console/terminal on a local machine should be done just like printing from the Shell Servers (see below "Printing From The Shell Servers.") However, if you are printing from an application such as Mozilla Firefox, a web browser, you should use the standard "File -> Print" menus. You may notice that the print queue 'limbo' is set by default to prevent jobs from being sent to inaccessible printers. Be sure to choose the closest printer from the pull down menu.

Accessing Printers Via Microsoft Windows Desktop Computers

Microsoft Windows computer lab systems have the closest printer pre-installed. No other printers are accessible from the Windows systems at this time.

Printing from the Shell Servers

To print a file to a departmental printer from the shell servers, check out our FAQ entry for instructions.

Print Quotas

Printer quotas have been applied to the laboratory printers. The LCSEE Student Advisory Committee and LCSEE Faculty members were consulted to determine the limit of pages a student is allowed to print to each printer per week. You may print up to 100 pages, per printer, per week. Remember to duplex print and conserve paper.