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Desk-side Support

Remote Desk-side Support

Need support but aren't on the Engineering campus?

Screenshot of LCSEE Systems Remote Help Desk

LCSEE Systems offers remote desk-side service using TeamViewer, a highly popular enterprise platform for remote support.  As more and more faculty, staff, students, and researchers work from various locations, both on-campus and off, this solution may work for you. You may also choose to use this method of support to limit interruptions during your in-office time.

Here's how it works:

  1. Determine if you can use your device's web cam and/or microphone to communicate with the technicians. Otherwise, be ready to provide a phone number for conversation during the session.
  2. Contact us via email, phone, or our web form. Describe your request or issue, let us know you'd like remote support, and give us a phone number (if applicable.)
  3. One of our technicians will setup your Service Case and respond with a link to download the TeamViewer app with the built in Session Code. You will need to download and run the app.
  4. Once the app is running, your device will appear as Online in our service queue and a technician will connect to your device.
  5. You will need to watch for a notification and permit the technician to control your device. Technicians do not retain access nor control of your device once the session is closed.
  6. Once the session is started, technicians will work with you to complete your request or fix your issue.
  7. When finished, close the TeamViewer app. You may delete the executable at this time.

Requirements and notes:

  • We can remotely support Windows, Mac, or Linux devices.
  • You'll need a reliable and quick internet connection. Broadband should be sufficient.
  • You'll need the LCSEE Systems Remote Help Desk TeamViewer App as provided via link which also contains your Session Code. 
  • We provide remote desk-side support in a similar manner to our on-prem support. Our standard support applies for WVU-owned devices. For personally owned devices, note that LCSEE Systems techs will only provide consulting and guidance and will not directly manipulate your device. Support scope for personal devices is limited to services and software provided by LCSEE Systems and is considered best-effort.