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Shell Servers

Our Shell Servers provide many resources to students and faculty that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime across all operating systems. Resources include software packages needed for course work, printing to the ESB and AER printers, homework submission for certain classes, etc. The Shell Servers run LOUD (Ubuntu Linux) version 15.04. Please refer to our FAQ for questions about a specific resource or send an email to helpdesk@support.lcseesystems.net.

Connecting to the Shell Servers

There are many ways to connect to the Shell Servers. If you are on a 137 or 138 AER LOUD lab machine will already have all the same resources on that lab machine that you would have were you connected to the Shell Servers.

For remote connections a user can connect with an ssh client such as Putty (if you are using Windows). If using a client the host name will be shell.lcsee.wvu.edu and the port will be 20110. Once you click open you will be prompted for your WVU Login username and password.

Another option for macOS or Linux users is to connect via terminal. Simply open up a terminal and enter:

$ ssh -p20110 wvuloginusername@shell.lcsee.wvu.edu