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Welcome to the LCSEE Systems Blog!

To provide a better mechanism for keeping our user constituency up to date about the latest happenings involving the Lane Department’s computing infrastructure, labs, and facilities, we’ve decided to take advantage of this great blogging service provided by WVU Web Services.

Sure, spamming everyone in the department has been one way to get messages out to users. However, a lot of information we’d like to send out isn’t of a critical nature and doesn’t quite necessitate a massive push of email to 2600+ users. Rather than pushing updates about what we’re up to, we hope you decide to watch our RSS feed and read blog articles at your convenience. (Hint: Try out Google Reader. It’s fantastic for quick access to RSS feeds from your favorite sites.)

This blog will also be a great place to check for blurbs about computing infrastructure problems and updates and not just news and information about the information technology advancements we’re making for the department.

Remember; answers for questions, requests, and comments are just a few clicks away. Drop us a note by emailing

So for now, stay tuned!