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LCSEE Systems now offering cLOUD Storage

An image of clouds with the words "Cloud Storage" over it.
LCSEESystems is now offering cLOUD Storage for LCSEE Faculty members as well as students enrolled in LCSEE Department courses. While USB storage, such as thumb drives or portable hard drives, is one mechanism to store files needed on while on the go, more ubiquitous storage that leaves physical media behind can be much more convenient.

Some users may find Dropbox to be an adequate solution but cross-platform client compatibility and data security may be an issue. Other alternatives include Ubuntu One and Spider Oak cloud storage.

cLOUD Storage with LCSEE Systems is hosted on a private cloud within the LCSEEComputing Infrastructure. With a simple request to,LCSEE Systems can enable one’s cLOUD Storage. Once enabled, it’s possible to save and retrieve files in cLOUD Storage while using Ubuntu computers in LCSEEComputing Facilities or from anywhere in the world via the LCSEE Shell Pool.

Accessing files and folders in cLOUD Storage on the Ubuntu Linux lab systems or on the Shell Pool is as simple as navigating or changing directory to /cloudhome/username. Copy files over the Internet with Secure Copy clients such as WinSCPPSCPFUGU, and Cyberduck.

Save files in a lab or office in cLOUD Storage and then access or copy to/from anywhere. Stop worrying about USB keys that can be left behind or become damaged. Just email LCSEE Systems for more details or to have this service enabled.