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138 AER Classroom Lab


Owner: Lane Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering - Systems

Effective: September 13, 2023

Revision History: N/A

Review Date: March 13, 2023

Purpose, Scope, and Responsibilities

The purpose of this Policy is to establish the rules that govern the use of the devices, information systems, data network, audio/visual equipment, and physical space of room 138 in the Advanced Engineering Research Building - LCSEE Learning & Collaboration Space, to ensure proper operation, security, and integrity of all assets.

This Policy applies to all individuals granted access to room 138 AER including, but not limited to, all Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering staff, faculty, administrators, officers, and students (collectively, "users").

The LCSEE Technology Director is responsible for the implementation of this policy.

LCSEE Systems Technicians are responsible for supporting user requests, configurations, and management of computers and audio/visual equipment in the space via helpdesk@support.lcseesystems, 304-293-3475, and

LCSEE Administrative and Business Office Staff is responsible for course and event scheduling and door lock approval to the space.

LCSEE Lab Proctors are responsible for overseeing the space during Open Lab sessions.

LCSEE Tutors are responsible for overseeing the space during Tutoring sessions unless during an Open Lab session in which the Lab Proctor assumes responsibility if working beyond the tutoring session times.

Physical Access

The 138 AER space is used for course instruction, special events, tutoring, and open lab. To protect the integrity of devices used in support of courses, the space will only be accessible under the following circumstances:

  1. An authorized instructor, staff member, lab proctor, tutor, or person responsible for a reservation, is present in the space for the duration of the session.

  2. An authorized instructor, staff member, lab proctor, tutor, or person responsible for a reservation will ensure that all attendees exit the room and that doors are locked at the end of the allotted time.

  3. Card lock access will only be granted to instructors teaching in the space, administrative, maintenance, and technical staff, University officials, lab proctors, tutors, and individuals reserving the space.

  4. Card lock access for instructors, lab proctors, and tutors will expire at the end of each semester and must be renewed.

Audio/Visual Presentation System

The 138 AER space is equipped with an audio/visual presentation system. This system is to be used only for course instruction and event presentations. It is not to be used for entertainment or gaming. The system is not to be used during tutoring and/or open lab sessions.

The system is locked by a code which can be given to authorized instructors and event presenters. The code can be received from LCSEE Systems via web form request.

Technical support and video recording scheduling for the system is provided by LCSEE Systems.

The room camera, microphones, and audio system are set up in an “always on” state even if the presentation displays appear to be off.

Features of the A/V Presentation system and instructions for use can be found on the LCSEE Systems website.

Computing Systems

The 138 AER computers are set up to operate on a dedicated wireless network. Special events and maintenance may require the use of wired ethernet connections. Technical support for the systems is provided by LCSEE Systems.

All users must adhere to LCSEE Systems Policies at and WVU ITS Policies and Procedures at

Physical Layout

The 138 AER space is designed to be flexible. Desks and chairs are height adjustable. The desks can be arranged into two standard layouts:

  1. Collaboration - Five islands of four desks

  2. Lecture - Five rows of four desks

To have the room reconfigured, contact LCSEE Systems at least 7 days prior to the event. Power, network, and class scheduling considerations will need to be addressed. The room is not to be reconfigured by users of the space.

The front of the room has a table with a swing out laptop arm. The presentation console in the corner has an instructor PC, document camera, HDMI input, and presentation system controls.

For interactive presentation, the space is equipped with a rolling, mobile lectern for use with a laptop or presentation materials.

Food and Drink

Food is prohibited in the 138 AER and breakout room spaces at all times. Sealing drink bottles may be used. Occupants are expected to take caution to prevent spills on electronic equipment, carpet, and all other surfaces.

Please consume foods in the atrium outside of the facility.  Contact the LCSEE Business Office if tables are needed in the atrium for foods or reception during special events in the space.

Open Lab Sessions

The 138 AER space will be open to LCSEE students for open lab use during proctored sessions. The room will not be generally accessible to ensure integrity and security of the equipment and space.

Open lab times will be made available with the appropriate lab proctor staffing. The schedule will be posted on the LCSEE Systems website and may include times between classes and events, evenings, and weekends.

Lab Proctors are responsible for the following:

Lab Proctors are not IT support technicians nor tutors and are not expected to provide technology support services or help with course materials. Any IT support requests must be directed to LCSEE Systems.

Tutoring Sessions

The 138 AER space is a location for the Lane Learning Center and tutoring. Tutoring sessions may occur during proctored open lab times and reservations by tutors.

Tutors using the space are responsible for the following: