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LOUD VM Installation Instructions

An image of the Loud VM in use.
An image of the Loud VM in use.

LCSEE Systems has now updated its help desk website with LOUD VM tutorial videos. The first video will walk viewers through installing a stock Ubuntu 15.04 virtual machine, with the latter video assisting the viewer in modifying the install to feature the LOUD software found in the labs. The tutorial videos can be found at the following:


After following along with the tutorial videos, the viewer will have a virtual machine with LOUDified Ubuntu 15.04 installed. This will provide the viewer with an exact copy of the software installed on the machines in 137AER and 138AER as well as an environment similar to that of the LCSEE Shell Servers.

If anyone would like to receive help installing Ubuntu 15.04 or LOUDifing their virtual machines, LCSEE Systems can help!
Just Email LCSEE Systems , or drop by 233AER.