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LOUD (LCSEE Optimized Ubuntu Distribution) is a modified version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution used within West Virginia University's computer science department. In addition to the standard Ubuntu packages, LCSEE Systems also maintains several packages containing software and scripts for use in the department's classes.

LOUD started after a decision was made to give the LCSEE teaching and open-use computer labs an easily maintained standard development environment. The LOUD platform is available in the department's computing facilities, on Shell Servers, and for installation on personally-owned computers.

LOUD Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA)

Download the LOUD 16.04 Gold OVA from the link below. Use the video tutorial below to learn how to setup the OVA for use with Oracle Virtualbox. Please have Virtualbox installed on your computer before you begin.



Please be sure to have Oracle Virtualbox installed on your PC. Additionally, ensure that your PC's BIOS settings allow virtualization. These settings vary per manufacturer but are often titled AMD-V, Intel VT, VT-x, vt-xd, etc.

Installation Tutorial

The following tutorial describes the process for installing LOUD as a virtual machine using Oracle Virtualbox as a hypervisor. Please follow the tutorial below to install LOUD.

LOUD using VirtualBox Installation

At the conclusion of this tutorial video, you should have a fully functioning LOUD 16.04 virtual machine containing all of the software that is installed in our labs.


Your LOUD VM will only update if you leave the VM running. To update manually, open a Terminal and run 

$ sudo update-loud 

The script may take some time to load and process before outputting console messages.

This will ensure your installation using the GOLD LOUD OVA is up-to-date.
Advanced Users

Advanced users may choose to LOUDify an existing installation of Ubuntu 16.04. You may find those instructions on our LOUDify page.