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Microsoft Azure

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (ADT4T)

The LCSEE Department offers several Microsoft software packages for free through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly known as Imagine) and access to Azure Cloud Computing for research groups and Senior Design.

To access our Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription, you'll need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a Microsoft account based on our MiX email address. Replace someone@example.com with your MIX email address.
  2. Once your account is verified, login to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Site using the Azure Login button below.
  3. To download software, choose a package from the list and choose the Download button at the bottom. Remember to check for a Key if required by clicking the View Key button.
Once you have created and account and logged on successfully, you should see a large list of software packages available for download.  In some cases, this list is limited or empty and Microsoft may need to make adjustments to your account. A notice that your school enrollment status may need to be verified will appear at the top of the software page. Follow these verification steps using your MiX email address. After completing the verification, the full software list should load.

Please let us know if you need assistance by submitting a help request or sending an email to helpdesk@support.lcseesystems.net.

Click the button below for Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

ADT4T Login

Azure Cloud Computing

The LCSEE Department offers student and instructor access to Microsoft Azure cloud computing for courses, such as Senior Design, and research groups (with provided funding.)

To request access, please use our the Azure Cloud Computing Access request form or send an email to helpdesk@support.lcseesystems.net

Click the button below for Azure Cloud Computing Access

Azure Cloud Login