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Media Capture

Using the Mediasite enterprise video platform, LCSEE Systems can record many different types of content. We are capable of capturing high quality audio and HD content for the following types of presentations:

These presentations can be recorded in the following locations:

To have your presentation recorded, please email us at mediacapture@support.lcseesystems.net.

Please include the following information:

  • Length and type of presentation (15 minute tutorial, guest speaker, hour-long lecture, etc.)
  • Description of the material being presented
  • Will the event reoccur?
  • Full Names of the Presenters
  • Short Bio of Presenters
  • Any website links to be included with the presentation
  • Will there be audience Q&A that should be recorded?
  • Will the presentation need to be live streamed?
  • Will there need to be limited access to the presentation?

MyMediasite and Desktop Recorder Access

All LCSEE Faculty members may login to the MyMediasite portal to access recordings and launch the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR.) The MDR provides the ability to use your own PC's camera, screen, and audio to create your very own Mediasite presentations. 

To login to your MyMediasite page, login with your WVU Login by clicking below:

MyMediasite Login