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Welcome Back - Fall 2018!

 Welcome Back 2018
 First Year Undergrads forming our State on Mountaineer Field

Welcome back, from LCSEE Systems!

In this post, we'll fill you in on what's new, what's changed, and stuff that's just good to know. Let's get to it.

New for Fall 2018

Summer is the time of year in which we at LCSEE Systems get to change gears and work on new tech and services for our Students, Faculty, Researchers, and Staff.  Here's the new stuff:
  • Media Capture Studio for recording rich Mediasite presentations
    • Mediasite presentations allow you to show off in great new ways, with an interactive player for viewers, to showcase on-camera content, real-time screen capture, document camera, and great audio, in any combination you'd like.
      • Students & Researchers: Schedule a time with us to record presentations, project updates, video documentation, demonstrations, and more. Share with your instructors, add to your ePortfolio, send to potential employers for internships or full-time jobs!
      • Faculty: Create polished presentations of your course materials. Mediasite is great for everything from those easily digestible 3-6 minute videos of problems, introduction videos about you and your course, full-length lectures for asynchronous teaching/learning, supplemental course material, review sessions, and more.
    • The new 134 AER Media Capture Studio can be scheduled by logging into 25Live and reserving a time. (We are currently waiting for Scheduling to bring this into 25Live; sit tight.)
  • Faculty Travel Laptops
    • We have a set of laptops that are intended for use by Faculty when traveling. These laptops feature the following:
      • 15" displays but lightweight design
      • Device Encryption - As required for all WVU devices that leave campus, these laptops are fully encrypted to keep data secure when traveling, especially out of the U.S.
      • Administrative Access - You can install any specialty software while you're on the road. These laptops are wiped to a restore point upon return but while you have them, you aren't totally locked down.
      • To check-out one of these devices, please email our Help Desk with the dates required.

Changes for Fall 2018

  • Computer Classroom WVU Login Authorization
    • In previous semesters, LCSEE Systems would authorize WVU Logins using information from Admissions and Records for students in LCSEE Courses.  Any students that were missed would have WVU Logins authorized based on a signed paper form.
    • We have change our authentication systems and now permit any student with a valid WVU Login to use a LOUD or Windows system, such as those in 138 AER and the CpE/EE computer classrooms, without additional authorization from LCSEE Systems.
  • LOUD Virtualization
    • LOUD is now run as a VM in 137 AER and any additional College computer classrooms which have been outfitted with our VMs based on software requests.
    • 137 AER previously required a PC reboot and quick keystroke action to choose the disk, with LOUD installed, from a BIOS prompt.  The systems will now boot into the Statler College Windows image by default.
    • To launch LOUD in one of the computing facilities, check out our FAQ entry for written instructions and a video demonstration.
  • Shell Servers
    • Our Shell Servers are no longer load balanced. This means that there are a few short steps to getting connected to the pool of Shell Servers.
    • Check out the Shell Servers service page for the full details about how to choose a Shell Server from a list of available systems, see the number of current users, check server loads for the best system to use at the time, etc.
  • Conference Room Tech - 256, 356 AER
    • 356 AER AV system with signage and new laptop HDMI input cable
    • We've had some problems with the AV systems in our conference rooms. HDMI cables have been stolen, video and control system cables have been unplugged and rearranged causing equipment failure, etc.
    • We've added some new labels, direction signage, and 25' HDMI laptop input cables to these rooms to help alleviate some of these problems.
    • Please be good citizens and heed the signage and stow the guest laptop cable if you or your students use the spaces.

Stuff That's Good To Know

  • Faculty: Mediasite Desktop Recorder, eCampus Integration
    • Faculty members have access to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and can create presentations using a webcam, audio capture/mic, and screen capture, or any combination of the three.
    • Visit our Media Capture page and scroll to the bottom to login to your very own MyMediasite portal were you'll find the link to download and install the Mediasite Desktop Recorder
    • eCampus Mediasite integration allows you to access MyMediasite from Course Management -> Course Tools -> MyMediasite ****You must have your course configured to use the LCSEE Mediasite Server or you will not get the proper portal and LCSEE course content***
    • eCampus Mediasite integration also allows you to add presentations that you've created, and those that others have shared, from the LCSEE Mediasite server in the Build Content section. Ask us about searching and adding a link to a presentation or a catalog.
    • To configure your course, go to Course Tools -> Mediasite Options and set MyMediasite-CSEE for Mediasite Server and My Mediasite Tool Link. Then you're all set!
  • Faculty: All Laptops Require Encryption, Sophos
    • Any laptop purchases will come through the LCSEE Systems office for provisioning and encryption after receiving is done by the EBO.
    • LCSEE Systems will be contacting Faculty members about encrypting existing laptops, removing Kaspersky, and installing Sophos.
  • Faculty: Websites
    • When the LCSEE web servers were shut down, the solution for faculty home pages was and Clean Slate for research group pages.
    • Clean Slate is now the University-wide supported solution for faculty webpages.
    • Clean Slate faculty webpages use a consistent design and template for proper branding and ADA requirements.
    • Templates include pre-designed pages for your contact info, bio, research, and more.
    • Request your site by using the Request A Faculty Website form.
  • Everyone: New Student Overview Video
    • Our LCSEE Systems Media Hub features a video titled Computing & Facilities Overview for New LCSEE Students. If you're teaching a course with students that are new to the Department, or have Graduate Students that are new as well, share this link with them so that they're up to speed on topics such as getting tech support, computing facilities, etc.
  • WVU Owned PCs: Kaspersky Uninstallation, Sophos Installation
    • Most Windows computers in the College should have Kaspersky automatically uninstalled and Sophos installed. If you're still seeing Kaspersky on your PC, please contact LCSEE Systems and let us know. Our techs will come by at your convenience to remove KES and install Sophos.
  • Everyone: Two-Factor Authentication Required for All WVU Logins, including Students
    • For Fall 2018, students will also be required to enroll in DUO two-factor authentication.
    • LCSEE Systems can help students that are trying to enroll. Statler ITS and WVU ITS Walk-up Support are great places to seek Two-Factor support as well.
    • Additional info can be found in these WVU ITS Knowledge Base Articles.