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Course Software

 This policy applies to all Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering staff, faculty, administrators, officers and students (collectively, "users").

Course-related software installed in LCSEE computer labs, classrooms, and servers must be approved by the appropriate Department curriculum committee. The committee will help to evaluate the software and determine if it is appropriate for and consistent with other courses in the respective programs. The Lane Department IT Director and Lane Department Chair will determine the feasibility of software requests based on funding and staff resources.

If a software package is not currently available, send information about the requested software to helpdesk@support.lcseesystems.net to have it routed through the appropriate curriculum committee.

Please note that configuration changes or software package installations are handled during maintenance windows that occur in between semesters. Please plan to have software requests submitted for approval well before the start of the semester. Software requests made mid-semester will be delayed until a feasible maintenance window or University break.