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IT Assets

This policy applies to all Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering staff, faculty, administrators, officers and students (collectively, "users"). 

LCSEE Systems is responsible for asset management of devices including notebooks, desktop PCs, and servers owned by WVU and used by faculty, students, staff, and researchers of the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

To meet both Departmental inventory standards, as well as policies set forth by WVU ITS Information Security, WVU governance, the State Treasurer's Office, the procurement card industry's data security standards, and the State's cyber liability insurance provider, LCSEE Systems will manage IT assets as outlined below.

Device Procurement

All notebooks and desktop PCs purchased by faculty, staff, and researchers in the Lane Department, whether by the Department business office, an individual's State PCard, through Mountaineer Marketplace, or by LCSEE Systems, must be sent directly to LCSEE Systems for device enrollment. This includes devices that may not be used on the WVU networks.

Management System Enrollment

All notebooks and desktop PCs will go through an enrollment process as follows:

Device Encryption

All notebooks will have drive encryption activated using WVU Information Security's chosen SecureDoc software. This centrally managed product will protect WVU's data and permit LCSEE, Statler, and Information Security technicians to facilitate data access in the event of a device failure or if you've been locked out of a device.

Annual Inventory

LCSEE Systems performs an annual inventory to ensure that notebooks and desktop PCs are in compliance with standards set forth for devices owned by WVU. During our inventory, we check for endpoint management compliance, software patches, security software, encryption, as well as appropriate access to the wired network.