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Network Printing

LCSEE Systems maintains several network printers throughout AER and ESB. Our printers are monitored using a health monitoring system and alerts us when supplies are low, when a jam needs cleared, or if a printer goes offline. If a printer problem hasn't been addressed, please let us know.

Student Printers

Student printers are located in computer labs in AER and ESB. These printers are pre-installed on lab systems and are listed below:
  • bw137aer - Monochrome LaserJet in 137 AER
  • bw138aer - Monochrome LaserJet in 138 AER
  • bwg22esb - Monochrome LaserJet in G22 ESB
  • bwg23esb - Monochrome LaserJet in G23 ESB
  • bwg24esb - Monochrome LaserJet in G24 ESB
  • bwg25esb - Monochrome LaserJet in G25 ESB
  • bwg28esb - Monochrome LaserJet in G28 ESB

Faculty/Staff Shared Printers

Faculty and staff shared office printers are located in various AER shared spaces. LCSEE Systems can assist you with the installation of these printers on your office PCs.
  • bw256aer - Monochrome LaserJet in 256 AER - For use when conference room is reserved.
  • bw263aer - Monochrome LaserJet in 263 AER
  • cl263aer - Color LaserJet in 263 AER
  • mfp333aer - Color Multi-function printer, copier, scanner in 333 AER
  • bw356aer - Monochrome LaserJet in 356 AER - For use when conference room is reserved.