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Desk-side Support

LCSEE Systems provides desk-side IT support for all Lane Department faculty and staff offices as well as research facilities.  Research facilities are supported per our Research Support policy. Requests for service should be sent to helpdesk@support.lcseesystems.net.

Common Desk-side Support Services

Technicians can assist faculty, staff, and researchers with the following:

Operating System Installation

Technicians will install and perform basic configuration of the operating systems below. Elaborate disk configurations, customized registry settings, or other customizations are handled on a case by case basis.

Operating System Troubleshooting

Technicians will provide troubleshooting for supported operating systems. Basic problems include:
Solutions will depend on the actual problem. If the problem cannot be solved in a few hours, LCSEE Systems will resort to a re-installation of the operating system. The custodian of the system will be responsible for the backup of data.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Technicians will perform basic troubleshooting and repair of common computer system hardware. Original manufacturer warranty claims can be handled by LCSEE Systems. Basic hardware troubleshooting will be performed for cases such as:

Network Access

All network clients must have current software and operating system patches installed at all times. LCSEE Systems will install WVU ITS-approved anti-virus software which must remain installed and up-to-date.

Computer systems that do not have current installations of software and operating system patches, as well as approved anti-virus software, can be disabled from the network without prior notice.

Statler ITS or WVU ITS Network Services will disable network access for machines scanning or abusing the WVU network and Internet sites without prior notice.

For assistance with acquiring an ethernet connection, visit our Network Access service page.

Anti-Virus Software

Technicians will install and configure a server managed installation of Kaspersky or McAfee anti-virus. Up-to-date virus definitions must be verified on a regular basis by the custodian of the machine. This software must remain installed and running at all times. In the event of a virus infection, technicians will quarantine and remove the offending software. Some malware require the re-installation of the operating system. Remember to backup all data periodically.

Supported Software Package Installation

Technicians will perform software installation and troubleshooting for the packages in support of Lane Department courses as well as those included in the list below. Unsupported software must be installed and maintained by the custodian of the system. Software packages not listed below may be handled on case by case basis.